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Welcome to the wonderful world of Kitchen Craft cookware, and site of the “try it before you buy it” Waterless-vacumatic 12 element Ti Type 316 L Thermium Surgical Stainless Steel + Titanium cookware (on the inside) and Ti Type 439 (on the outside).


Kitchen Craft International presents its new ultra modern design, The Kitchen Craft Type 316 L Ti Surgical Stainless Steel + Titanium set of cookware. Made in North America since 1906. Five generations of respect! Unconditionally Guaranteed for 50 years or a lifetime.

Kitchen Craft is your source for the finest Surgical Stainless Steel + Titanium, waterless vacumatic cooking systems available. High quality Cookware is our only product. We are the only company to let you try the cookware before you invest. We are factory direct, so you will save big and no salesperson will call on you.

Our cookware is the type formerly sold at dinner parties, at fairs or home shows, and is not sold in retail stores. Sorry: no free dinners and no pushy salespeople. We save you 40% or more by not having a field sales force.

*Do request a price list or  sample a pan for a “No Cost – No Obligation” tryout.

You will be impressed!

Call To Talk With Us Now: 1-866-568-5712

If you attended a cookware demonstration dinner (Saladmaster, for example) and were impressed by the taste of the food you owe it to yourself to try Kitchen Craft cookware. Our quality is superior and our prices at least 40% lower.

Demonstration dinners are expensive to put on. Factory-direct is a BIG money saver.

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